The Tyler Brown Dance Center is proud to introduce adult classes! While covid still persists, classes have to be very small, and online options are available, but we’re here and can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!

Ballet Workout - Monday 6pm

While this ballet class is taught by a professional ballet dancer and uses terminology consistent with professional level ballet, it’s designed to burn calories, work on your balance and flexibility, and get some muscle tone - not to train for your next Swan Lake performance! Open to all levels, no prior experience needed.

Professional Ballet Tuesday 10:30am

While this class is open to everyone, it’s geared towards professional dancers, who have taken intermediate/advanced ballet classes in the past. 10:30 am to 12pm.

Hip Pop Workout Thursday 6pm

No prior experience needed. This awesome class takes simple dance moves, weaves them into a choreography and gets you sweating before you know it. Great for getting in shape, and great for the next time you want to hit the dance floor at the club (whenever that may be…). Thursday 6pm to 7pm

Kickboxing Cardio Class - Friday 6pm

Self-defense fitness meets dance! An intense cardio class that will test your stamina, flexibility and hand-eye coordination. No prior experience needed. Fridays 6pm to 7pm

Bollywood Body - Saturday 11am

Bollywood incorporates elements of multiple dance styles, through the prism of Indian dance technique. It's a fun way to burn calories, get in shape, and get some unique moves under your belt. Saturdays - 11am to 12pm

Pilates Workout - Sunday 11am

A mat class which, though requiring no prior experience, will be sure to strengthen your core, coordination and strength with a series of low impact, high intensity exercised.

Yoga Stretch - Sunday 1pm

A classic yoga class, focused on enhancing flexibility and regaining your center through breathing, meditation and beginner to advanced exercises.