Hi wonderful Parents,


Happy Summer! Please see some TBDC announcements below.


Fall semester

Starts Wednesday Sept 7th! 


TBDC Store

Coming soon...

Masks update

As per NYS Dept of Health guidelines, masks are now optional - if you prefer your child continues to wear a mask, we'll be sure to enforce that (just let us know), but otherwise students are no longer required to wear masks. Effective Wednesday March 2nd. 


Class Cancelation Policy

Class & Pickup service cancellation policy: If your child is scheduled for a regular weekly class and they cannot make it to class any given week, you must let TBDC know at least 48 hours in advance or your Dance Diary will be charged.


Notice of absence must be sent via email to my address at tyler@tylerbrowndance.com or Chisato info@tylerbrowndance.com. Otherwise the cancellation does not count. If you purchased an Advanced Dance Diary you are awarded one late cancelation voucher per refill. All other diaries will be charged for late cancelations even from the first time. 


Thanks everyone!






Hello incredible parents,

Winter Storm:

All in person classes are canceled due to the snowstorm. (1/29/22).  Zoom classes will be held instead. Zoom links will be emailed to everyone this morning!


Spring semester is around the corner, and there's still time to sign up for new classes and to invite friends to join. Chisato (info@tylerbrowndance.com) and I will be in touch with everyone this week to confirm exact timing and scheduling for all Spring semester classes. Please try to reply at your earliest convenience as space is filling up!


Please visit our website to register your child(ren) if you haven't already.

We have two programs:

Classical Ballet Program 

Curated curriculum-based Ballet Program for serious students.


Tyler’s Dance Club

Lots of styles and techniques, classes for beginners and advanced students. Flexible and relaxed.


Pop Production

If your child will be in town from Monday February 21st- Friday February 25th: 


Have them join TBDC's fun mini camp taking place that entire week from 12:00pm-4pm. 

Pop Production is a mini camp for all levels!


Students will create, choreograph, direct and perform their very own production, alongside fun technique classes, upper level demonstrations, dance movies, and dance terminology! Think "School of Rock", but with dance. There will be children assigned to costume design, children in charge of lighting and stage design, choreographers, artistic directors, floor managers. Everyone will also have a dancing role, of course, but it's a wonderful opportunity for children to also learn about all the additional creative and managerial work that goes into putting together a show.


To register for this camp simply email me or Chisato at info@tylerbrowndance.com as our website is still currently being updated. 


Price: $90 for the day, (Don't forget your applicable Dance Diary discounts) With more than 6 Dancers signed up the price drops to $85.


Camp will take place from 12-4pm. 

Limited Space is available so please confirm at your earliest convenience.

In the event we get a large number of signups students will be divided by age and technique level. We will instead host two camps on that day instead and your child will be assigned to one of the two time slots:





Epiphany Talent Show 

If anyone is interested in renting out our space to film your talent show performance or need any help with choreography, please let us know, and we will add you to the schedule and help out the best way we can!



It's a bit chilly.. please visit the Parent's Lounge on our site and find the Dress code guide. Scroll down to find what "warmups" for your child to wear to class. For the time being students may wear form fitting warmups during class until the warmer weather rolls in. 


See everyone this week! 

We are NOT closed for the snow day.

TBDC classes are still in session today! 1/7/2021

TBDC Wishes you a Happy New Year! 

Congratulations Angel DiBari!

Congratulations to Angel Di Bari! Angel will represent the Tyler Brown Dance Center in 2022 as our poster Dancer! Look out for Angel's image on our social media, website and merchandize.

Dear amazing parents, 


Our Fall semester will resume on Monday January 3rd. In preparation for our Spring semester (starting February 1st) we have updated our website, and it looks fabulous! 


We have designed a new section just for you called the “Parents Lounge”. Here you can find all you need to know under the Current Parents section.  You can:

- Refill and check your child’s dance diary

- Register for winter break mini camps 

- And even check our lost and found when your child’s ballet shoes go missing again!

- more!


New Programs and Enrollment 

Starting in our Spring semester (February 1st), you will be able to enroll your child into one of our new programs that best fits their dance aspirations and commitment level. 


Classical Ballet Program 

Curated curriculum-based Ballet Program for serious students

Tyler’s Dance Club

Lots of styles and technique, classes for beginners and advanced students. Flexible and relaxed.


Every student will need to be enrolled in either program, by February 1st, so take a look and register now. 

Angel poster.jpg

Boys dance for free!

This year TBDC will be offering a free ballet class for boys every Sunday from 11am-12pm. 


We will also offer discounted classes to boys who wish to study techniques outside of ballet! Please spread the word. 

New Staff Positions

School Administrator Chisato Yanagisawa

Studio Manager Hayley Weber

Classical Ballet Programs Master Teacher 

Tyler's Dance Club Head Emma Pittman