Although we teach many dance techniques at the TBDC, ballet is the technique we focus on the most. We offer four different ballet classes: Pre-Ballet, Intermediate Ballet, Pre-Pointe, Advanced Ballet/Pointe.



An introduction to ballet stretches, movement, coordination and music. Young dancers ages 4-7 learn the basics of classical ballet and dance class sequence and etiquette. After-School division only 

Intermediate Ballet

Dancers who have been studying ballet for three to four years can begin to explore new and exciting steps, work on strengthening their flexibility, foot work, balance, turns jumps and memorization. Students are evaluated on their knowledge of ballet terminology. Students who show exceptional potential may be eligible for pre pointe as an elective - after school and advanced division.


An elective class for those who wish to do pointe work when they get to the advanced level. Pointe shoes are not required for this elective class, where students ingrain a large selection of pointe movements into their muscle memory in preparation for pointe.

Advanced Ballet/Pointe

At this level, students explore the full structure of a professional classical ballet class, including pointe work for those who are interested in it. Full ballet barre, followed by center tendues and adagio. Piroutes and turns both en dedan and en dehor. Across the floor work. Petite allegro, grand allegro and foutee coaching. Students are also evaluated on their knowledge of advanced ballet terminology  and classical ballet variations. Advanced Division only.