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Every Wednesday at 2pm. Your first Class is FREE!
Starts January 3rd, 2024.

Get ready for Dance Pop – a vibrant, energetic dance class that’s not just about moves; it’s a full-blown dance party for your kids! Set to age-appropriate tunes, this class is all about inclusivity – both boys and girls are invited to groove and move together.


Our Dance Pop sessions are not just your average dance class; they’re a fun and interactive experience designed to keep your kids engaged and active. Say goodbye to screen time and hello to coordination, flexibility, and a whole lot of rhythm. It’s more than dance; it's a movement adventure for your little ones!


Wear comfortable workout clothes!

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About your teacher:


Lihi is a dancer,  teacher, and stage manager located in NYC. Lihi has been teaching kids  between the ages of 1 1/2 - 18. Lihi got her dance training in Israel where she grew up. Lihi has been dancing for 15 years in contemporary, modern, ballet, hip-hop and jazz and in a professional dance group for six years. 

Lihi studied dance as one of her high school majors for three years and learned anatomy, music choreography, ballet and modern dance professionally. This fall Lihi started  pursuing her BA in Dance in Hunter College NYC.

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