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Welcome to TBDC's Dress code guide!
Please enter your child's class or level below.

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of the Tyler Brown Dance Store! As part of this exciting development, we have some essential updates regarding the dress code for all students attending the Tyler Brown Dance School.


Effective immediately, all students placed in level 1 and up are required to order their

leotards, tops, and warm-ups exclusively from the TBDC store. This new policy ensures

uniformity and quality for our dancers' training.


If your child is placed in Level 1 or up, please place your child's order by following the

respective links:

1. My child will study: Ballet and/or Tap,

2. My child will study: Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, or Hip Hop 

Additionally, you may order TBDC Warm-ups 


Students placed in level "Creative Movement" do not need to purchase leotards from the

TBDC store. They may however purchase tights and warmups. 

For a comprehensive overview of our updated dress code, please click here

Ivory and Pastel Orange Modern Gradient Feature Comparison Chart Graph (3).png
Dress Code Outline_edited.jpg
Dress Code Outline (1)_edited.jpg
Dress Code Outline (2)_edited.jpg
Dress Code Outline (7)_edited.jpg
Dress Code Outline (9).png
Dress Code Outline (10).png
Dress Code Outline (6)_edited.jpg

Notes for all classes 

Mandatory TBDC leotards, tops, and warm-ups must be ordered through the forms linked below. 

For dance shoes, we suggest visiting a dance store for the perfect fit.

Tights for Ballet: Students are allowed to wear flesh tone tights to ballet if they desire. In that case, students should coordinate their ballet shoes with the color of their tights. For example no flesh tone tights with pink ballet shoes.  

Hair: Hair must be secured tightly without any loose hair strands hanging. No colorful headbands, hair pins or hair nets may be worn. Do not use hair clips as it does not secure the hair tightly enough.We recommend using a brush and comb, water, gel, or hair spray, and hair pins, hair ties and hair nets that match the color of your child's hair. 

For students who have short haircuts: Hair must be worn half up half down, or slicked back, pinned securely with a simple same hair tone colored headband. Please make sure hair is not hanging down into the face, it is distracting and throws off dancers coordination.

Please watch this video on how to do a ballet bun. Students who take classes outside of ballet technique should have their hair just as neat but may wear ponytails. 

Accessories: Please do not wear any of following accessories.
- smartwatch
- bracelets
- anklets
- rings 
- necklaces

Warm ups: Students may wear warm-ups in the beginning of the class, but will be asked to remove them after warm up.

Please note students will be graded on their dress code (hair included), on their semester evaluation.

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