Tyler's Dance Club

Welcome to Tyler‘s Dance Club, where everybody 3 and up goes for fun and exciting classes! Everything from ballet, to a variety of fun techniques such as tap, hip-hop, lyrical and jazz! 


With no requirements, auditions or restrictions, Tyler's Dance Club is the home to both dedicated dancers and students who dance only once a week. Classes are conveniently scheduled as after-school activities.

Looking for more of a challenge? Consider auditioning for the Classical Ballet Program 



An introduction to ballet stretches, movement, coordination and music. Young dancers ages 4-7 learn the basics of classical ballet and dance class sequence and etiquette.

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TBDC goes to Broadway, and offers Broadway style tap dance. Children have a ball finding the rhythm with their feet and dancing to the beat. From Shuffle ball chains to wings, students tap dance to the tunes of musical theater numbers and their favorite Broadway shows.

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An introduction to a funky east-coast hip hop style, popping and locking, with commercial hip hop elements. A fun opportunity to let loose and dance.



Students start class with stretch, isolations, floor work, pas de bourée, pirouettes, split leaps, across-the-floor work, followed by fun jazz combinations



Students embody various aspects of ballet, jazz, acrobatics, and modern dance. Your child will get in touch with their emotions and acting skills as they dance to expressive music and dance out their feelings. 

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It's time for TBDC to give back! This summer we're heading uptown to share our love for dance.


That's right, we're bringing ballet to the Bronx and hip hop to Harlem. We hope our classes will uplift, and encourage these amazing communities. 


But we are not just teaching, we will be scouting! We will be offering scholarships to attend full TBDC Programs to dancers who show great potential.  


Help TBDC diversify!


To get involved, volunteer or donate, please contact us.