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Tyler Brown Dance School:

November Newsletter

1. TBDC is OPEN 11/09 & 11/10 

Thursday, November 9th and Friday, November 10th, all classes are in session! Private lessons are available from 10am-2pm.



TBDC will be holding Photoshoot Week! Let's make sure we look our very best and have on our appropriate dress code. 

We are looking for a new poster dancer to represent TBDC in 2024. This dancer will be featured on our new TBDC merchandise! We also will be updating our website and social media. Our photographers will be stopping by classes to capture a few shots of our dancers. Mainly we are inspiring our dancers, we want them to feel recognized and appreciated, while keeping them on their toes - the pun was intended ;)

TBDC staff will be taking the photos, so it's not a big deal, but we want the students to feel as if it's a big deal ;)

All of the photos taken will be available for you to see. As you already know our waiver for photo consent can be found at the bottom of our pricing sheet and terms & conditions. If you would like your child to opt out of photo shoot week please reply to this email and let me know. If so, your child is still expected to attend regularly scheduled classes but will be asked to sit out of group shots. 

3. TBDC CLOSED for TURKEY BREAK 11/23 - 11/25 

Thursday, November 23rd through Saturday, November 25th, TBDC is CLOSED for Thanksgiving! No classes are in session.


Dress code: Just a quick reminder, we kindly ask that children come dressed in TBDC's attire only, which includes leotards, tights, and specific shirts provided by us. We appreciate your support in maintaining our dress code for a smooth and enjoyable experience for all. 

Class Cancelation Policy

TBD Class & Pickup service cancellation policy: If your child is scheduled for a regular weekly class and they cannot make it to class any given week, you must let TBDC know at least 48 hours in advance or your Dance Diary will be charged.Even if your child is sick or injured, this policy still applies. TBDC is very strict with this policy, and will not waive any cancellations even if you cancel class late by accident. To stay informed on which days classes are in session please visit our 2023/2024 Annual Calendar.

Notice of absence must be sent via email to my address at or Chisato Otherwise the cancellation does not count. If you purchased an Advanced Dance Diary you are awarded one late cancelation voucher per refill. All other diaries will be charged for late cancelations even from the first time. 


Behavior: Having great behavior during class helps everyone learn better and faster. Although we LOVE to have fun at TBDC, dance is a disciplinary artform. We need your help reminding your child to please raise their hand during class, bathroom breaks should be taken before or after class, absolutely no hanging on the ballet barres, or laying down on the floor, and please please please pay attention and follow along with the teachers' instructions.  

TBDC will be doing $10 studio rentals for non-profit artists in November!


Only 1 month away from our Swan Lake Auditions! Click the calendar below to find your child's audition time slot!

Annual Calendar

Fall Weekly Schedule 

Monday 12/11 - Thursday 12/14: Swan Lake 2024 Auditions!

 All the classes will take place as usual. Certain auditions will take place during your child's normal class time. Find your child's  level and audition dates below:

Monday December, 11th

- Level 1C, 2A, 2B: 4:00pm- 5:15pm

- Level 3B-5: 5:30pm- 6:45pm


Tuesday December 12th

- Level 3-4: 5:30pm- 6:45pm


Wednesday December 13th

- Level 3B-5: 4:00pm- 5:15pm

- Level 2C, 3A: 5:30pm- 6:45pm


Thursday  December 14th

- Level 1: 3:15pm- 4:35pm (1A arrives at 3:25pm and leaves at 4:25pm)

- Level 2: 4:45pm- 6:00pm

- Pointe Level 4-5: 6:15pm-7:30pm



TBDC Holiday Party: Friday 12/15

Holiday Spirit Week: Monday 12/18 - Friday 12/22:
      Wear holiday colors to class

TBDC Closed “Snowflake Break”: Saturday 12/23 - Monday 1/1
       (Private & semi private classes are available upon request)

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